'In Reserve: Concerning the Architecture of the Reservoir’ was a 3-month residency programme for which ANTIFORUM was selected (along with 5 other artists) to research and curate an exhibition on Modernism in Europe and its relationship to American industrial buildings in the early 20th Century.

What do “architectures of storage” like grain silos and warehouses reveal about past and present assumptions in agriculture and food production? What role do safekeeping and stockpiling play in the modern household? In an era of profitability, optimization and worldwide resource shortage, how and where should commodities be stored and saved in the agronomy of the 21st century?


The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s Bauhaus Lab 2014 addressed these and other questions about the relation between architecture and agriculture under the title “In Reserve: Concerning the Architecture of the Reservoir” within the framework of a three-month research programme.


The Bauhaus Lab is a postgraduate programme for architectural research that sees itself as a platform for collaborative learning, research and design. The Lab took place for the second time in 2014, under the direction of Dr. Regina Bittner, with seven selected international participants from various disciplines.