FUTURE RUINS was born out of a fascination with the possibilities for exhibition inherent in the silo space as Bergen Arkitekthøgskole. The theme of ‘Obsolescence and Inoperativity’ invited participants to critically imagine new lives for abandoned spaces and post-industrial architecture, offering alternatives for their original use. 

Future Ruins ‘Obsolescence and Inoperativity’ was an exhibition curated by ANTIFORUM in a repurposed Grain Silo in Bergen, Norway. We invited international artists to propose or exhibit works pertaining to the idea of obsolete spaces and inoperativty. Thirteen artists were invited to Bergen to install and show the works for a 5-day exhibition in May 2013. The exhibition was sponsored by the Bergen Kommune.


Many of the resulting inclusions took a more poetic form, culminating in pieces that provoke the memory of spaces both seen and unseen and the manifold complexities of communicating memory.  FUTURE RUINS has multiple connotations: the future possibilities for reimagining ruined spaces, architecture designed with its ruin-value already in mind, and the ruinous capacity of time upon memory and recollection.​