The HARDBAKKA RUINS PROJECT is a site-specific art workshop that started in 2013 and takes place around the ruins of Hardbakka, close to the Svartediket in Bergen, Norway. The project consists of a workshop and exhibition, inviting artists, architects, and students interested in creating a work that relates to the site. It is an opportunity to use this inspiring place as a platform for artistic activities. We open the site for about one week, during which participating artists can realize their ideas. 

Since 2013 the 5-year project has examined different concepts and sites, including 'Dissensus', 'the Commons', and 'Memento Mori'. The Hardbakka Ruins Project will continue until 2017. Open Calls are published in March each year.

Dissensus (2014)

The Commons (2015)

Memento Mori (2016)